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Simulation-based development of a treatment chamber for the pasteurization of protein-rich and thermosensitive liquid foods with Pulsed Electric Fields
TU Berlin, Elea Vertriebs- und Vermarktungsgesellschaft mbH
Project volume
€ 563.738 (BMWi via AiF/ZIM) 
1.07.2020 bis 30.06.2022
Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF) is an innovative process for pasteurizing food. The food is exposed to a pulsed electrical high-voltage field, which inactivates germs that spoil the product. The use of PEF for the pasteurization of protein-rich foods is limited to this day due to the denaturation  of proteins.
It has not been possible to develop a treatment chamber that enables permanent denaturation-free treatment. The primary goal of the project is therefore to develop a treatment chamber that overcomes these limitations. There are two approaches for treatment chambers that are to be further developed and evaluated. The design of a treatment chamber is a very complex problem that can only be solved experimentally with unacceptably high expenditure. Numerical simulation is a suitable means for developing prototypes and should be used here.
The prototypes are designed taking into account the product-specific protein fouling, which must be integrated into the simulation. Milk and liquid egg products are considered examples of protein-rich foods.

Typical geometry of a continous treatment chamber to be optimized to enable the processing of protein-rich foods

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