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Characterization and evaluation of the destruction potential of fruits in fruit preparations during transportation through pipeline internals
TU Berlin, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
1.05.2020 bis 31.10.2022
Project volume
€ 497.147 (BMWi via AiF/FEI)
Many foods are susceptible to mechanical destruction, what applies also for fruit preparations. During their processing, the transport in pipelines with various internals has great importance. Damaging stresses occur mainly in piping installations and their peripheries, thus, in places where strong disturbances and partly transient flow conditions exist. Here, the particulate phase is exposed to mechanical stresses caused by hydrodynamic forces (shear and strain stresses) as well as by collisions, specifically collisions with parts of the apparatus and particle-particle collisions. 
From a technical point of view, transport should be kept as fast as possible in order to keep the foods homogeneously distributed. However, rapid transport entails a greater potential for disintegration, especially in the case of the flow through internals. A transport process that protects sensitive particles should therefore be carried out with limited velocity, which still needs to be high enough to ensure an acceptable homogeneity.
Since the integrity of the particulate material is a key quality feature of food, the project is pursuing the goal of quantifying the potential of product damage in piping installations with respect to various process and material parameters. To achieve this goal, modern methods of experimental and numerical fluid mechanics are used. The project aims at creating characteristic diagrams and databases that describe quantitatively the potential of damages. On this basis, food producers and plant manufacturers can directly reduce damaging of the fruit particles in order to increase the quality of the final products.
Typical process line for the processing of fruit preparations with mixing tank (1), pump (2), heat exchanger (3), buffer tank (4) and filling unit (5,6)

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